f3the-event | f3 Relationships and Partnerships Director Robert Scott and the 11 Eleven Project
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f3 Relationships and Partnerships Director Robert Scott and the 11 Eleven Project

f3 Relationships and Partnerships Director Robert Scott and the 11 Eleven Project


The Relationships and Partnerships director based in Sydney, Australia attended a screening of the ’11ElevenProject’ one year after its inception on 11 November 2011.

The 11ElevenProject is a movement of thinkers and storytellers who have ‘brought the world together, even if only for one day’, amounting to a stocktake of where the world stood on a given moment. This ‘state of the planet’ is reminiscent of Life in a Day, a documentary which showed at the Sundance Film Festival by Hollywood director Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott in which thousands of YouTube videos capturing a single day around the world were submitted to YouTube and distilled to become a whole. It differs in that it rallies people worldwide on its anniversary for something of a reality check in what could be called a visual time capsule.
Five categories or media are available: sound, text, film, photography, music through which a snapshot is taken of the human condition.

In the pre-UGC (User Generated Content) era, there was Baraka, a mosaic of mankind engaging with his planet. Naqoygatsi depicted ‘life as war’ shortly after and more recently, French director Yann Arthus-Bertran gave us Home which showed us how the planet was getting on despite, or because of man.
UGC has produced a great Cambrian explosion of life as we rush to capture the moment. Most of us now have the freedom to say what we want to say, and to say it how we want to say it.
But 11Eleven succeeds in what comes next, prolonging the discourse. We are literally called to account once a year and asked to record that which must be celebrated in life. Scott came away smiling in the sense that the bedrock of society, the social fabric had not, it seemed, been ruptured. While all was not rosy, optimism was definitely a theme of the movie.

The project’s creative director, Danielle Lauren speaks of ‘advancement of global change and a positive future for all’ and ‘reclaiming our humanity – owning our mistakes and working towards ensuring a better future for all’. While not promising any given future above another, f3 through the visual medium of the moving picture promises to fix a gaze on a number of futures, to then encapsulate each and to subsequently plot a course in a given direction. Importantly, f3 will forge the link beyond, way beyond the film itself.

The objectives common to f3 and its Los Angeles partner F2 are:

1. Promotion of preferable global human and non-human futures.
2. The tendering of alternative models of being, doing and having.
3. Raising the consciousness of audiences vis-à-vis the central thematic of futures thinking and praxis.
4. Inspiring post-media behavior with futures-beneficial outcomes.

At the inaugural event taking place Northern Hemisphere Autumn of 2013, film will be married forever to transmedia as participants – no longer called the audience – forge and embrace new realities.

For reference we present two Youtube videos of the project which itself may be found at www.11elevenproject.com

Original premier

Creative Revolution metaphor

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